Tide Ultra Original Scent Concentrated Laundry Powder

Ultra Tide Original Scent Detergent. New improved formula. New and improved. Now concentrated with even more stain-fighting power packed into a smaller box, so you can use 1/3 less. One small scoop helps remove virtually every type of stain. Style is an option. Clean is not. For stain removal advice visit the Tide Stain Brain at tide.com. The makers of Tide do not manufacture any private label detergents. This package contains 40 loads (as measured to line 1 on scoop). The precise number of loads from each package will vary slightly with the method of scooping and settling during shipment. If you have a high efficiency washer, we recommend using Tide high efficiency. Paperboard made from 100% recycled paper (minimum 35% post-consumer). Safe for septic tanks. Contains no phosphate. Questions 1-800-879-8433. Visit us at www.tide.com.