Loreal Dermo-Expertise Visible Results Skin Renewing Moisture Treatment, SPF 15

Anti-Aging Treatment. With Activa-Cell. Instant healthy glow; Refined pores; 24-Hour moisture; Increased elasticity; Reduced lines in 8 days. With age, the skin's natural defense system starts to diminish. Visible Results helps enhance the defense system against UV damage and reverse the first signs of aging. The Technology: With Activa-Cell technology and SPF 15, Visible Results was created to aid the skin's natural defense system against external UV aggressions; Soft-touch texture smoothes and evens skin; With optical light diffusers and Vitamin C, Visible Results brightens skin; Hydrating agents provide 24-hour moisture; Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 sunscreen helps protect skin against premature aging due to sun exposure. Visible Results: Skin is visibly more luminous and radiates a healthy glow instantly; Elasticity is noticeably increased within hours; Skin is smoother to the touch and the appearance of pores is refined; Skin appears younger and is protected from environmental damage; First lines are measurably reduced in just 8 days. Formula Essentials: 100% Oil-free; Non-greasy; Non-comedogenic - won't clog pores; Dermatologist tested for gentleness.