Beneful Healthy Radiance Dog Food

With real salmon & wholesome rice, accented with vitamin-rich vegetables. 100% complete & balanced nutrition. Health-smart nutrition. For a shiny coat and healthy skin. With moist chewy chunks. Healthful: Protein-rich nutrition, with real salmon, to help build strong muscles and a thick, healthy coat. Omega fatty acids promote supple skin and a glossy coat. Includes vitamin-rich vegetables and important nutrients, plus zinc for healthy skin. Crunchy rice with carbohydrates for energy. Flavorful: Real salmon for rich flavor. Variety of crunchy and moist pieces. Six distinct and delicious shapes. Tail-wagging freshness. Healthful. Flavorful. Beneful. What lights up your best friend's eyes? Greeting you at the door. Hearing the word, walk. That never-ending ear massage. He'll also love the abundance of real wholesome ingredients found in Beneful Healthy Radiance. Made with omega-rich ingredients including real salmon for a shiny coat and bright eyes, it's a perfectly balanced meal that helps keep your dog radiantly happy and healthy. With Beneful, you can help your dog have it all - taste, nutrition, health and happiness!